Configure Coordinator

Install coordinator CLI

The Zkopru coordinator will synchronize the Zkopru chain, check for fraud, and optionally submit transactions and bid on auction rounds. To start install the Zkopru CLI:

$ npm install -g @zkopru/cli

A coordinator can now be run using zkopru-coordinator.


The coordinator has a number of options that can be configured via cli flags or a configuration file.

zkopru-coordinator <command> [args]
--version Show version number [boolean]
--address, -a [string] [default: "0x970e8f18ebfEa0B08810f33a5A40438b9530FBCF"]
--bootstrap, -b [boolean] [default: true]
--websocket, --ws [string] [default: "ws://"]
--sqlite [string]
--postgres [string]
--maxBytes [number] [default: 131072]
--priceMultiplier [number] [default: 48]
--port [number] [default: 8888]
--config You can skip interactive booting up process with JSON
configuration file [string]
--generateConfig Generate a sample config file [string]
--daemon, -d Start as a daemon [boolean]
--password [string]
--passwordFile Path to a plaintext file to be used as the keystore
password [string]
--keystoreFile Path to an Ethereum keystore file [string]
--maxBid Maximum bid allowed in the burn auction (Gwei)
[number] [default: 20000]
--publicUrls Comma separated list of host:port combinations this node is
accessible at [string]
--help Show help [boolean]

Configuration File

All command line flags may be supplied in a json file. This file should be passed in using --config. Any cli flags will override config file settings.

Generate Config

Zkopru includes a config generator that can be run using zkopru-coordinator --generateConfig. This will start an interactive process allowing you to select values for a configuration file. This file is a good starting point for further customization.