Mass deposit

What happens when a user deposits assets to Zkropu.

  1. Zkopru contract transfers the given amount of assets from the user's account to itself.

  2. It verifies that the note has a valid hash of the given information.

  3. It merges the note to the last item of the MassDeposit[] list

What is MassDeposit?

MassDeposit is a single mergedLeaves bytes32 value to be used for rollup proof. Please check what is mergedLeaves for rollup proof here. If the coordinator proposes a block including MassDeposits, the block appends all notes in the MassDeposit to its UTXO Merkle tree.

Merged leaves & optimistic rollup

How does the coordinator handle MassDeposits?

Coordinators can include only the "committed" MassDeposits that do not change anymore. To include a MassDeposit, the coordinator monitors the Deposit event from the Zkopru contract.

When does a MassDeposit become "committed"?

It is important to push the deposits to the layer-2 as quickly as possible. Therefore, it freezes the latest MassDeposit when the coordinators propose every new block.

Can the coordinator include more than one MassDeposit?

Yes, it is possible to include several MassDeposits at once in the range of maximum challengeable cost.

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