If you want to withdraw your assets to the layer-1, you need to send the withdrawal request first. And then, you need to wait seven days for the finalization of your withdrawal request.

However, the system supports instant withdrawal using the pay-in-advance feature. When you create a withdrawal request, you can set an additional fee for the pay-in-advance. After a block includes the withdrawal request, you can request a pay-in-advance to the proxy payer. It works in a way that the proxy payer pays first while transferring the withdrawal leaf's ownership.

Withdrawal request & withdraw out after the finalization.

  1. Select the 'withdraw request' menu at the top menu screen.

  2. Type the address where to withdraw out to.

  3. Type the amount of withdrawal.

  4. Type fee.

  5. Type 0 for the pay-in-advance fee.

  6. Please wait for the finalization (Arctic Roll testnet finalizes blocks very quickly for testing purpose.)

  7. Go to the 'withdraw out' menu.

  8. Select a finalized withdrawal from the list.

Instant withdrawal


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